[aprssig] Strange reports

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Jul 3 12:28:34 EDT 2008

Al Wolfe skrev:
>      For the past several months we have been seeing occasional position 
> reports like "40  .  N/08846.42W". Is this intentional obscurity or 
> something not set right? They seem to come from D-700s. What's the fix?
> Al, K9SI 

"Position Ambiguity In some instances — for example, where the exact 
position is not known — the sending station may wish to reduce the 
number of digits of precision in the latitude and longitude. In this 
case, the mm and hh digits in the latitude may be progressively replaced 
by a V (space) character as the amount of imprecision increases"

Kai Gunter

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