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> For Brevity, I would receommend simply changing it to "Sending
> too often to GROUP" in place of the word "too soon".
> But come to think about it... Since this CQSRVR has many othere
> applications such as the exmample of all those AMSAT stations
> working together in anticipation of a launch, they might need to
> change the timer from the 30 minute restriction to something
> much shorter for real time communication as a GROUP.  In that
> sense, maybe the wording should be similar to what you propose
> in that the message does tell you the present timing (which
> might be different for different groups)...  Something like:
> "Sending too often. GROUP limit is 30 min."
> Where "GROUP" and "30" are variables.

Interesting thoughts.  I agree that the message could be clearer and will look at making that change.  I also think that we could make the timer variable on a per-group or per-user (using an override command) basis.  I need to look at what would be the "best" way to implement that without opening it up to being used to overload RF networks (as sending a single message to CQSRVR can generate a significant number of messages going to individual stations).

Thanks to all for the feedback.


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