[aprssig] CQ Server operational question

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 2 15:32:45 EDT 2008

> Perhaps that message should say something... such as :
> "Sending too often ... Wait 30 min. 'tween calls".
>> Pete said:  The "Sending too soon to FD" is the 
>> message you receive when you have sent a message to the
>> group (in this case "FD") in less than 30 minutes

Actually, it threw me for a loop too, and I was even aware of
the 30 minute limit.  And I had seen it several times in the
week leading up to FD.  But when I then got it on the DAY of
Field Day about one hour before FD actually began, I too
missinterpreted it as an admonishion that I was jumping the gun
on Field Day.

For Brevity, I would receommend simply changing it to "Sending
too often to GROUP" in place of the word "too soon".

But come to think about it... Since this CQSRVR has many othere
applications such as the exmample of all those AMSAT stations
working together in anticipation of a launch, they might need to
change the timer from the 30 minute restriction to something
much shorter for real time communication as a GROUP.  In that
sense, maybe the wording should be similar to what you propose
in that the message does tell you the present timing (which
might be different for different groups)...  Something like:

"Sending too often. GROUP limit is 30 min."

Where "GROUP" and "30" are variables.

Bob, Wb4APR

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