[aprssig] Core Server locations

Asier Garaialde agara at kantauri.com
Mon Jan 28 05:40:48 EST 2008

Many times I thought that APRS-IS net have a problem, the four core 
servers are in USA (2 in Texas, California and Florida).
If any time it has a very big problem (geo/meteo disaster, terrorist 
attack,...) and internet intercontinental links are damaged, APRS-IS net 
will be unoperational. Tier 2 and other independent servers will be 
individual isolated servers, without any interconection.
In my opinion, to prevent that the core server system must be 
distributed in several continent and all continent must have 2 core 
servers at least. In this case, if any time it happens something and 
Internet intercontinental links are damaged, APRS-IS will continue 
continentally linked.

Here in Spain we can create an european core server (I think two 
european cores servers are necessary...). What are minimum requirements 
for a core server?



Asier Garaialde, EB2FGI-EC2BBY

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