[aprssig] NOCALL reporting north of Gettysburg PA

Geoffrey Dick wa4ikq at nevets.oau.org
Sun Jan 27 10:24:06 EST 2008

Subject: NOCALL reporting north of Gettysburgh PA

On 27 Jan 2008 Darrell, N3QBI said:
> I think he has a problem with his power connection
> to the radio, that is causing a power surge, which 
> resets the D7A to the "NOCALL" setting.


Darrell may be correct. This may be a common problem 
with the TH-D7A.  I have also seen it on my D7AG.  I have 
to be careful everytime I connect the battery pack to 
check that it has not lost my call sign.  I use it on 
a bicycle, and sometimes a hard bump will loosen a 
battery cell, or connector, and I will find my call 
sign has changed back to default NOCALL.  What is really 
strange is that the radio seems to retain the rest of 
the settings when this happens. 

Kind regards,

Geoffrey, WA4IKQ 
Winter Park, FL

Joseph M. Durnal" <joseph.durnal at gmail.com> NE3R said:
> I don't have APRS setup at the home QTH right now but I 
> kept seeng a NOCALL on the screen north of Gettysburg Pa, 
> ...snip.... 
> The packets included text indicating the operator's
> name was Bob and it was a Kenwood D7A.


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