[aprssig] info for TM-D710E in car

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Wed Jan 23 14:30:44 EST 2008

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Man oh man!  
    I've seen this B4, but you forgot the most important part !!    No pix of
the D700 APRS and other radio inside views.

I agree that the power off timer isn't the solution, but didn't catch where
they powered it from [[ battery dip, or full crank power-off cycle]]  .  It
seems like an extra battery (a couple of AH), a couple of power hot-carrier
diodes, a resistor (to float-charge the extra battery) and possibly a
(capacitor/diode held, slow drop-out) power on/off relay is a lot cheaper than
the $80 mobile 10 A. UPS.

BTW.  My D700 always re-boots cleanly from the crank interruption (when powered
off a cigarette -lighter-like 120W. power port).  ...don't know about a
battery-connection crank-dip.  Haven't done that on the new car yet. 
    So did they blow it on the D710?

 73, Steve

73, Steve, K9DCI

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