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Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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That is a cool product to have espacially if you have a lot of small
accessories, think I am going to buy one for my next car that is coming up

After seeing the explination of IK1AQI's problem that may not be the right
ticket. I think I know what he is expiriencing and that is just either a
weak or cold battery or a factor of both. I often had that problem with my
TM-742A while in Florida and that was a sign that the battery was going to
need replacement soon, not imminent but soon. Living further north now with
cold weather and a diesel truck I started seeing it again with a 1 year old
battery and my ID-800. It is just a matter of voltage drop and can happen at
any time even if you only had your car shut off for 5 minutes and came back

A couple of years ago I belive there was an article in QST for a voltage
booster/regulator that was made for exactly such a problem. Someone is
making them now and advertising in the back of QST from time to time, yellow
ad's I belive. I just looked through my 3 past issues but I can not find a
recent ad, maybe someone on the sig has one or knows of it's specific name.
It was also made to boost up weak batteries used for portable QRP operations
where your radio would not work properly if an under load drain would take
the battery to 10.8 volts or so.

Our friend from Itally does not state if it happens EVERY time he starts the
car or not but the timer would only really assist if the voltage drop was
after 10 or so minutes. In my case working on the road I am often in and out
of sites in less that 10 minutes so that would not assist me for work but in
my personal truck where I stay out for longer periods it's just the ticket.

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  The following device IS the solution to the problem stated by IK1AQI and


  I use this on a car with 12 volt accessories powered up 24/7 and on a car
with the ignition that powers up, then off, then on that above authors

  I leave the D700 turned on 24/7 and never have to use the hardware
power-on button; the d700 automatically turns on when the dc voltage hits
14.1 and in the case of the car (Audi) that has accessories hot 24/7, I have
the APO3 set to turn off D700 after 10 minutes.

  You will love this device.

  P.S. I do not work for the company; just a satisfied customer.

  Terry K1LCH
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