[aprssig] Davis Weather Station on APRS

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 21:31:26 EST 2008

I have had WD for several years and used it with my RS Wireless station. It
was a bit confusing but that was due to it's sheer number of features and it
worked VERY well.

I like the idea of not having to have a dedicated PC for the weather station
but since I do run UI-View almost 24/7 I guess it does not matter, I can run
Weatherlink with the add-in on that computer. Since I do want to generate a
HTML page for my INTRAnet so I can see the weather from anywhere in the
home, not just my basement ham shack I would probably just get the standard
interface and use Weather Display.

My internet connection is a Verizon Broadband connection I have no cable or
DSL options, maybe someday when my community enters the 21st century and we
get some options for a big fat "pipe" to the house I'll start running my own
servers for the INTERnet again hosting my weather pages. My speeds leave a
bit to be desired since I have a really weak signal at the house, that is
AFTER adding a cellular repeater to get any signal inside. I am lucky to
have that much since no other provider other than HughesNet or WildBlue
would be an option and I do not have a clear view to the Southern sky. I
live in the middle of a pine tree farm, allready had to chop down some trees
just to get a somewhat acceptable signal for DishNetwork.


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You do need their interface, which comes with WeatherLink. With a free
add-in, you can convert the WeatherLink into an APRS-compatible sentence.
*Or*, Davis sells a different interface that directly outputs APRS sentences
and connects directly to a TNC. The downside with that approach is you lose
the PC interface.
Weather Display will definitely also work, if you want to spend the extra
money on that.


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I am looking to get back into APRS with a weather station and have been
looking at the Davis Wireless Vantage Pro. Can anyone tell me exactly what I
would need to get that on-line with APRS? I guess I need buy their interface
to get the data out of the weather station then I'll need to run something
like WeatherDisplay on a PC to convert it to a APRS compatable sentence ?

Rich K4GPS
York SC

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