[aprssig] D710 data jack. (msg# 5)

Robert D Head Jr. lan_king at juno.com
Sat Jan 19 22:00:35 EST 2008

The connector on the back of the control panel works well when using
Configure AUX
menu 517 for EXT data band as A-Band
menu 518 for Ext data speed for 1200 bps
menu 519 for PC Port Baudrate for 9600
menu 528 for Com Port Baudrate for 9600
menu 529 for Int Data Band for A-Band

Configure APRS
menu 601 for INT TNC , data band= A-Band, Data speed= 1200, DCD sence=D
or RXD Band
menu 604 for COMM Port (Output= on)
menu 611 for BEACON TX, Method=Auto, Int Interval=30 (or what ever you
want), Decay=om, Prop= on)
menu 612 for Packet path, Type= *new-N, Wide1= on, Total Hops= 2, path=
wide-1, wide-2
menu 613 for Network, *APRS
menu 620 for UItrace, UITRACE=on, alias= temp

Now press the "TNC" botton on the control panel, until you have
"Packet12" showing.

On UI-View, click on "Setup", check Baud Rate for 9600,
(8,None,1)...Choose the COM Port you are using,
At "Host mode", choose KISS....Then click OK.

Then click on "Terminal" and watch the TNC init, then show all the packet

Hope this helps,

Bob Head

Message: 5
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 18:51:43 -0600
From: Rory Burke <rory at burke.ac>
Subject: [aprssig] D-710A Question
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Here's one for you D-710A experts out there..
When the radio is in APRS mode, is the data terminal on the back of  
the radio active as well? Can that jack be used for injecting data and  
keying the radio while in APRS mode? What I want to do is use a  
TinyTrak3 to control the transmit instead of the built-in algorithms.
Thanks and 73,
Rory Burke - K5MBH

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