[aprssig] KPC-3 & U-100 WX Station issues?

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Sat Jan 19 21:02:04 EST 2008

I'm not sure what is the reason to get both data strings one starting with !! and another starting with $ULTW. If Ultimeter is in Data Logging Mode, data starts with !! header. If Ultimeter is in Packet Mode, data starts with $ULTW header. Just choose one of them.
Settings you gave below for KPC-3 are to connect Ultimeter to TNC computer port. Before you go to INTFACE GPS, make sure GPSPORT is set to zero.

There is another option, you can connect Ultimeter output to KPC-3 radio port pin 2. Then you can leave INTFACE TERMINAL to monitor packets and data buffered in LT. Settings I use in such option (U2000 packet mode, SR3DGT http://www.aprs.pl/gontyniec.htm):

LT 4
BLT 4 EVERY 00:00:30 START 00:01:00 CLEAR

Even if BLT 4 is set every 30 seconds, in fact, is tx every 5 minutes. Ultimeter sends data in packet mode every 5 minutes. LT 4 buffer is cleared after tx. If buffer is empty, there is no tx. And wx data is never older than 30 seconds.

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  Been having one heck of a time getting my WX station back on line. Did hard reset and programming per Bob's reccomendations and still can't get the LTracks to copy the WX data. AB 2400, INTF GPS, GPSH 1 !!, GPSH 2 $ULTW, .... Once in a great while it will capture a line of data, but then it will not update. I remotely access it wipe out the old data in LT buffers and nothing. Laptop connected at same time as KPC-3 shows valid streams of !!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    type data every second, so U-100 is sending. In the past, turning off the KPC-3 and turning it on worked. Would happen once every few months. Now I've swapped out TNC's, cables, power leads (ground loop issues?), to no avail. Gonna put a U-500 up there now for a test, but since the nearby lighting hit, it's temp is stuck on 108 deg even w/out the probe connected! Anyone with similar issues? It's a solar powered site, and TNC, IC-2000H, U-100 are in an insulated box. Heat from radio keeps inside at 80+ degreres. I thought the issue was temp related, cause it would fail on cold nights, below 22 deg F. That shouldn't be an issue now for all parts are toasty, and were working for two months in new home until recently.
  73 de Kriss


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