[aprssig] Follow-up to my previous posting re W0APR

Jim Duncan jdbandman at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 19 13:47:04 EST 2008

Thanks to those who have sent private messages of support, encouragement 
and advice!

We have learned that the applicant had a 13-year-old countersign the 
application claiming to be a club officer of KC APRS Working Group. 
Neither the applicant nor the countersigner are now, nor ever have been, 
members or officers of KCAWG!

Both of these persons have placed their amateur radio licenses at risk 
for violation of 47CFR Part 97.17(c) which states: “No person shall 
obtain or attempt to obtain, or assist another person to obtain or 
attempt to obtain, an amateur service license grant by fraudulent means.”

The matter of the unauthorized application for renewal/modification of 
the W0APR license is in the hands of FCC's Enforcement Bureau and we 
anticipate a quick and favorable resolution.

73 de Jim, KU0G

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