[aprssig] Part 3/3: Updating APRS Clients (Consumer Needs)

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Tue Jan 15 22:02:44 EST 2008

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From: Steve Dimse <steve at dimse.com>

I see a potentially insurmountable post-9/11 challenge, encryption.  
The current paranoia makes it hard to convince anyone to send accurate
positions of critical assets over an open channel, all the worse that  
the posits are made instantly available on the internet. Before  
investing efforts in meeting the other challenges, how would this  
potential deal-breaker be solved?

The ARRL's EmComm courses cover this to a degree.  The idea is to never forget that Amateur traffic is passed with the assumption of interception.  With that in mind, one must be careful to pass information that doesn't work to amplify hysteria...such as plain text radiation readings.

Additionally, one could provide a service of visually documenting already known public information.  In Rochester's event last week, there were four places where people could pick up dry ice to keep food from perishing.  Placing an "ice" symbol on the map and labeling each "DryIce-#" could be of service.

The problem is the "could/do" gap.  We can talk all day about what "could" be but we don't get around to making it happen ("do").  Maybe it's time to pull together at an EmComm conference and strategize a plan of action.

Ev, W2EV

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