[aprssig] APRS as a Situational Awareness tool

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Jan 15 17:07:40 EST 2008

Bob - my email to you is being rejected, so I moved this over to the
list but BCCd it to you just in case it will go through.

Bob WB4APR wrote...

> Can you see what happens if you have a 30 minute station rate
> set for UI-View and then you change your POSITION or change your
> position TEXT or change your STATUS? Any of these operations
> should restart the 30m timer and force an immediate
> transmission? Even if it does this, is there another RETRY a
> few minutes later for redundancy?

* set the onject inerval to 30 mins
* 0542 SSI-1 - object created by VE7GDH-10          <<<<<<<<<
* 0551 beaconed my position (would otherwise be every 20 mins)
* 0553 changed my position - UI-View beaconed (would otherwise
            have been everu 10 mins) object was not resent. I wasn't
             surprised because it was me moving, not the object.
* 0557 changed my beacon comment which forced
            a beacon... object was not resent
* 0600 changed my status text which was transmitted...
            otherwise would have gone out every 60 mins
* 0602 object SSI-1 was beaconed,,, apparently forced by
            change in status? Will reserve judgement.     <<<<<<<<<
* 0605 changed my status text again... which was beaconed
            however object SSI-1 was not beaconed again
** 0616 my position was beaconed as expected... about
            20 mins since the last one when I changed my neacon comment.
* 0632 SSI-1 beaconed. I got busy, so I wasn't
            changing anything for a while
* 0656 status text went out
* 0702 SSI-1 object was beaconed                            <<<<<<<<<
* 0705 changed my status text again...
* 0708 changed my status text again...
* 0709 changed my position
* 0732 SSI-1 beaconed - about 30 mins since last... <<<<<<<<<
* 0736 SSI-1 moved... as expected it beaconed.
* 0741 changed my position and beacon comment severall times
* 0741 changed my status text
* 0802 SSI-1 beaconed
* 0832 SSI-1 beaconed and it carried on every half hour
* 10:23 SSI-1 deleted. Saw the "deleted object" go out just once
* 10:54 SSI-1 second "delete object" went out.

My only conclusion was that the object was beaconed when it is created,
any time it is moved, and each time the object interval has gone by. It
was created at about a quarter to the hour. It went out again about the
top of the hour (only 15 mis after it was created) and the bottom of the
hour. I moved it at 07:36. Next time around, it went out just after the
top of the hour and every half hour after that. I'm not sure why it went
again on just ONE of the occasions that I updated my status text.

Per the help, when an object is deleted, that information is sent twice,
but the2nd deletion went out 30 mins later per my objectal interval

> If so, then these are good news..
> If not, what process would you use to force a few immediate
> transmissions after making such a chage?

Changing the object interval forces it to resend the object. If the
position isn't critical, it's quicker to just ALT-drag it on the map.

A final (for now) test... I created a new object at 12:54. I changed the
symbol less than a minute later and of course it beaconed the object
again. It went out again about four minutes later, just before the top
of the hour. After that, it went out about every half hour until I
deleted it.

PS - I still need to get the results of that object test from the other
day to you. It was sent previously but was rejected by your mail
server. I wouldn't want a couple of hours work to go to waste!

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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