[aprssig] FREQUENCY on APRS

Ian ZL1VFO zl1vfo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 12 19:35:09 EST 2008

> In UIView if I make the repeater object with the repeater icon selected
> Findu will list it as a MicE station.  Is this a Findu problem or a UIView
> problem.  Also, if I include a + in the name, ie. 147.090+ I will not be
> able to find it in Findu.  I think Findu sees the + as a space.  I don't
> think this is a problem because most radios will automatically set the
> reverse.

> 73, Ron ny3j

You can get FINDU to display 147.090+ you just need to do a little
trick with the URL. Replace the + with %2B so it becomes

A minus symbol can also be done with a %2D for what it's worth.


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