[aprssig] FREQUENCY on APRS

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 14:19:19 EST 2008

> But this appears to be from a UIview home station.  It was never intended 
> for these objects to come from home statiosn beacuse they add QRM for 
> several reasons as mentioned in my previous email.  If the UIview is being 
> used as a digipeater AND if it isvery high compared to surrpunding 
> terrain, hen that is OK, but the PATH for that station shouold be reduced 
> to 0 hops to keep this packet local in the area of coverage.
> Othewise it is QRM out of the area where it can be used.
> Of course there are always exceptions.  But that is the basis of this 
> frequency object design.

This was the basis for my question, does it handle it correctly, not only 
placing the correct formatted text so the other radios can be interpreted by 
it properly, but all around.

The path is an issue, a downside is you cannot chose a path for the objects 
in uiview {not that I have found}. The only other choice for most will be 
implementing a beacon from a local digi.

Unfortunately beacons from a digi will never contain ALL the area 
information and will be subject to bias and not rationality.

Looking for a better way:
James - KB7TBT

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