[aprssig] APRS DOS a time for change?

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Fri Jan 11 18:53:13 EST 2008

WinAPRS 2.8.5

-- Connected to a javAPRSSrvr with "Feed (echo) local data to TCP/IP"
checked, packets I'm hearing on RF are _not_ being fed (echoed) to the
APRS-IS as intended (and as they were many versions ago).  Anybody know why
not or how to fix it so it can be a (one way, at least) IGate?

-- I have to manually resend the message to "SERVER" regularly, whenever the
connection burps.  Would be nice to be able to add the filter statement in
the connection line (as is done in APRS+SA).  Like:
rotate.aprs2.net 14580 # filter m/100 -p/CW

-- Allow WinAPRS 2.8.5 to startup my KPC-3 TNC in KISS MODE.
The command KISS ON doesn't do it, because the Kantronics TNC wants INT KISS
instead.  Can I change this (from KISS ON to INT KISS) for use with my
Kantronics TNC?  How?  Must I use AGWPE instead of a KPC-3 for KISS?

-- The WinAPRS "Windows,Error Log" gets a entry _every 20 seconds_ from the
javAPRSSrvr, like:
07/03 10:07:44 Invalid 1st char ParseAPRSLine # javAPRSSrvr 3.10b08 3 Jul
2006 17:07:44 GMT

This feedback was provided on the winaprs yahoogroup in mid-2006 (when the
current WinAPRS version was still fairly new), but no reply was noted then
(nor solutions yet learned now).
73, Cap KE6AFE

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