[aprssig] APRS DOS a time for change?

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Fri Jan 11 15:58:44 EST 2008

	While it is not a feature from APRSDos that was not implemented, the
ability to log on to a filtered server port and define the filter is about
the only thing that WinAPRS does not do that I want it to. I'm a long time
user of your program and prefer it to any other but since I function as an
I-gate and use a filtered port to keep the IS traffic down on my end,
WinAPRS does not work for me once I get disconnected from a server and try
to automatically reconnect. On the reconnect I would have to manually send
the message to define the filter on the new server or session.
	On the topic of objects, how does WinAPRS handle the broadcast of those
positions? Does it dump them all at once in a batch like Ui-View or does it
use a decaying method? Also how does it handle the Bulletin Board system Bob
has described? I've never paid attention to that feature to be honest.

Thank You,
Brian Webster N2KGC

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Please send me a list of what you see needs to be implemented in WinAPRS


>    I will second this.  I currently use WinAPRS, but as Brian
>stated, many of the features Bob intended were never implemented as
>planned. And now, WinAPRS hasn't been updated in over a year and a
>half.  If there was a way to get APRSDOS as a windows app and
>function the way it was intended (tiger map support would be awesome
>too!), I would gladly chip in a secondary "windows port" fee.  It
>just seems there is nothing else out there at the moment for windows
>thats easy to install and use.

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