[aprssig] Carry Ons

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Jan 8 12:42:01 EST 2008

The systems use false colour to show subtle changes in density etc.
Some scanners can by using different X-Ray wavelengths even identify
some common chemical compositions.  Not sure why they'd want to know
that...  ;-)

There are also some RF/mm wave based whole person scanners on trial.
Not sure how they work, yet, but you have to stand still with your arms
out, while a frame (coil?) whizizes round you....


Or http://tinyurl.com/ytjqwo

may be one such system, there are also low intensity back-scatter X-Ray
systems about.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3071573/  like that....

Take care people...


Dave. G0WBX.

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> I flew to Dallas last weekend for a funeral.  I took a 
> handheld and had no problems with security.  In fact, I 
> almost always travel with some sort of ham gear and I've 
> never been questioned about it.
> On this trip I did get to see the x-ray monitor as a guitar 
> in a case went through the machine.  I could see the 
> woodgrain of the guitar and it in color!  Now explain to me 
> how they can see the wood grain of a guitar in color.  After 
> seeing that, I would imagine they can read the model number 
> off of my handheld.
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