[aprssig] TSA regs on GPS?

Tom Smith tom at halibut.com
Sun Jan 6 18:45:02 EST 2008

On a commercial airliner do you have to hold the gps up to the window?
Tom Smith  KD6SOJ
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  Last year I left my Cessna 177B Cardinal tied down at Jefferson City, MO airport when it became apparant that the weather would be bad for at least a week and I had to get back to work in NJ.  Rented a car and drove home using the portable Garmin 396 GPS from the plane in the auto mode.  A couple weeks later I flew Continental from Newark to St. Louis, MO to fly back the Cardinal and had the GPS, charts, etc. as carryon.  Upon perusing the Continental magazine after getting on the plane, I noted that a GPS is now a specifically permitted electronic device above 10,000 feet.  So when the captain announced laptops, etc. OK I turned it on.  It was cool to see my Continental flight within a few miles of the breadcrumb trail from my Cardinal flight west a few weeks earlier.  On of the flight attendants even came over now and then to watch its display.  <g>

  So no regulations against GPS use, it's entirely at the discretion of the airline.

  73,  Ken W2KB

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    > Hi, 
    > A bit off topic, but I suspect many here travel with a regular GPS. I 
    > checked the TSA and AA web site, but could not find anything, one way or 
    > another, concerning transporting a GPS and bean bag mount in carry on bags. 
    > Any experience, or definitive reference? 
    > Alan 
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