[aprssig] Re: OLPC positions and MESH-ing

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 09:55:49 EST 2008

> > The XO is an incredible little machine --
> > but with the extra layer of 'sugar' to
> > make it sweet for kids, that actually decreases its
> > useability as a general amater/data/packet machine.
> Is that only a complaint on the looks of the desk top, or is
> there something more fundamental at issue?

Not cosmetic...

The keyboard is barely beyond hunt and peck..  (FYI - real USB
keyboards work great and resolve that issue)

It´s that age old problem of "we can build a better interface".   And
they did - for kids.  For users in general the interface needs to be
the same on the desktop, laptop and even XO.   My N800 essentially
fits that bill.  The task bar and system tray are in different places
but they´re there.

No doubt the next few months will see some marked improvement in the
software both in speed, power consumption and functionality...

> > It looks like the eeePC is the current leader
> > as far as cute little systems goes...
> > My XO is going to the nephews in Peru...
> Ah, but the "eee" is exactly why the split between OLPC and
> Intel.  Intel wants to provide the latest and greatest and make
> a profit.  OLPC wants a stable platform for the masses, for
> youth and for education.

Nothing wrong with profit - that´s what makes all of this possible.

> I'll put my money on the stability of the OLPC and not plan on
> forever chasing the latest and greatest "consumer" toy from the
> likes of Intel who have to sell you a new one every year to keep
> their profits up.

The XO is already out of date...   That´s the way the world works and
it´s a good thing.   We don´t have to upgrade with every release but
when we do - look at what we get.

10 or so years ago I spend $400 in 1998 dollars for a Palm 3...   I
held out until they had IFRA and could beam programs..   Wow.

Last year I upgraded.  I got a Nokia N800 for $400 in 2007 dollars
($200 in 1998 money?).   Gigabytes of storage.  A true pc..   My P3
would hold my address list.  The N800 will hold my lifetime collection
of pictures and music - and compile APRSDOS to boot...

The compatability has to be at the software level - not hardware.
When you tie to hardware you´re going to be forever constrained.  IE -
the KPC TNCs that make up the APRS system...

> Bob, Wb4APR

Bill - OA4/WA7NWP

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