[aprssig] aprsd memory usage

bob evinger wd9eka at evinger.com
Mon Jan 7 18:59:54 EST 2008

Anyone know of an easy way to reduce the aprsd i'm running 2.2.5-15 I
think(last one that was put out?).  I'm running it and a lot of other
programs on an embedded ebox-2300 and puppy linux. I have been running
it since summer but am trying to free up some cpu cycles. THe box only
has 128Meg real ram and aprsd eats 131meg at startup. everything swaps
and everything I want to run is running, but it is sluggish.

okay so its a 200mhz processor and I have the world running on it.
Just didnt know if anybody out there had ever had a reason to lighten up
the aprsd memory footprint, or if its abnormal and I have something else
going on.

bob wd9eka marshall, il

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