[aprssig] APRS-XO proposal

Paul Kronenwetter n2kiq at arrl.net
Mon Jan 7 18:15:31 EST 2008

Andrew and the rest of the list interested in this little green beauty...

It's running a slightly(?) modified Fedora Core 7 distribution and it
includes Python out of the box. But other packages like Perl, C, C++ etc
are available for installation via yum.  The boot loader is OpenFirmware
so it's not your standard grub / Legacy PC BIOS, but otherwise it's a
well-behaved Linux PC with 256MB memory and 1GB hard drive. 

Getting it to do on-air stuff via the Linux AX.25 stack is a little
involved, but I'm working on a document that will help with that.  It'll
take me a while since I'm having problems with soundmodem and the last
olpc-update wiped out most of the packages I'd installed to support
building things like Xastir.  But I didn't lose anything...

In general the system is not locked down in any significant way.  The
sugar interface is effectively the window manager to a standard X
display.  The really "annoying" part is the screen is 200DPI (!) which
at 152x114 mm means that the xterm or xastir display is really really
tiny.  I still haven't figured out how to load fonts and be able to
specify them on the command line (-fn 9x16 doesn't work even with that
font loaded.)  But I'm working away at it as time permits.

My intended purpose is to be able to use the OLPC, a radio and a 12v
battery / power supply in a shelter or other power-challenged place
during hurricanes or other natural disasters for data communications. 
Its low-power requirements and 12v friendliness was really attractive. 
Your mileage may vary as always.


Andrew Rich wrote:
> Will that laptop support perl ?
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>> To this end, the APRS-IS servers restrict unlicensed
>> operation to position and weather reports only.
>> Only validated logins may message, insert objects, etc.
>> Just a clarification.
> Thanks Pete for the clarification.  OK, for now, then we are
> simply looking for a linux AP that will run on the XO of
> licensed hams and inject their position every 10 minutes while
> they are active and in Wireless range.  We can address the use
> of this capability for the invitation of potential youthful hams
> later...
> Then later, if we want to solicit XO owners into ham radio,
> could we not add an OLPC category to these restrictions?  And
> you are probably right, that there will be plenty of people
> working on the messaging application for unlicensed users in
> OLPC forums, so we do not need to provide that for unlicensed
> users.  But let them be able to receive APRS messages and
> announcements from other licensed OLPC APRS-XO users?...
> Maybe...
> I did just join the OLPC CRASROOTS forum and was able to zoom in
> and put my location right on my office roof using their Google
> Maps application..
> Just thinking out loud...
> Bob, WB4APR
>>> Just like the APRS-IS now can handle both
>>> licensed and unlicensed operators, those XO
>>> owners with a call, will be fully APRS
>>> functional, and those without the APRS-Validation
>>> will still show to all other XO laptops but will
>>> not appear back to RF.  That mechanism already
>>> exists and works!  Done!
>>> Then the XO's can display all the other XO's in
>>> their area, AND can APRS message or anything else
>>> that APRS can do!  Normal HAM operators can use
>>> them fully on APRS...>
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