[aprssig] APRS-XO proposal

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 7 16:10:42 EST 2008

> To this end, the APRS-IS servers restrict unlicensed 
> operation to position and weather reports only.  
> Only validated logins may message, insert objects, etc.
> Just a clarification.

Thanks Pete for the clarification.  OK, for now, then we are
simply looking for a linux AP that will run on the XO of
licensed hams and inject their position every 10 minutes while
they are active and in Wireless range.  We can address the use
of this capability for the invitation of potential youthful hams

Then later, if we want to solicit XO owners into ham radio,
could we not add an OLPC category to these restrictions?  And
you are probably right, that there will be plenty of people
working on the messaging application for unlicensed users in
OLPC forums, so we do not need to provide that for unlicensed
users.  But let them be able to receive APRS messages and
announcements from other licensed OLPC APRS-XO users?...

I did just join the OLPC CRASROOTS forum and was able to zoom in
and put my location right on my office roof using their Google
Maps application..

Just thinking out loud...

>> Just like the APRS-IS now can handle both 
>> licensed and unlicensed operators, those XO 
>> owners with a call, will be fully APRS 
>> functional, and those without the APRS-Validation 
>> will still show to all other XO laptops but will 
>> not appear back to RF.  That mechanism already 
>> exists and works!  Done!
>> Then the XO's can display all the other XO's in 
>> their area, AND can APRS message or anything else 
>> that APRS can do!  Normal HAM operators can use 
>> them fully on APRS...> 

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