[aprssig] APRS-XO proposal

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 7 14:47:53 EST 2008

> ... I would like to build a map of all HAMS 
> with OLPC's to help us play and possibly MESH together.. 

Wow, why not write a simple background APRS application called
APRS-XO that only has to do one thing.  That is, to report the
XO's position to the APRS-IS when ever it is in range of
wireless access to the internet.!  See my proposal:

It does not need the other 99% of APRS (maps etc) since a simple
URL to one of the APRS MAP web pages could plot then all the
positions of all other other XO laptops!  Done. 

Just like the APRS-IS now can handle both licensed and
unlicensed operators, those XO owners with a call, will be fully
APRS functional, and those without the APRS-Validation will
still show to all other XO laptops but will not appear back to
RF.  That mechanism already exists and works!  Done!

Then the XO's can display all the other XO's in their area, AND
can APRS message or anything else that APRS can do!  Normal HAM
operators can use them fully on APRS...

Can someone propose this to the XASTIR LINUX group and see if
someone wants to write this?  This is not a mineature xastir, it
is simply a script to do these three things:
0) Accesses the APRS-IS when on line...
1) Sends out a posit once every 10 minutes
2) Receives any incoming APRS messages
3) Can send an APRS message 
4) Has a URL to a dedicated XO page on an APRS-IS web page...

What am I missing? Is this trivial or what?


> Just email me your CALL, and LAT/LONGs for both of your 
> locations.   If you have other daily locations you may add 
> them too. ALso indicate how many OLPC's you have.  Here is 
> the preferred format:
> WB4APR:3909.12N/07629.34Wl Home, with access to 3 OLPC's
> The LAT/LONG is in DEG and decimal minutes.  The two spaces 
> after the decimal points are for hundredths of minutes.  If 
> you replace them with two spaces, then your position can 
> remain ambiguous to the nearest mile, if you like.  The "l" 
> (lower case L) after the W is the laptop symbol.  Everything 
> after that is free text to describe your OLPC.
> Those that are into APRS can go ahead and just change your 
> normal APRS station to the LAPTOP symbol for the next week or 
> so, and I can capture your posit that way electronically.
> > TO make it easy to compute the centroid 
> > of local OLPC's, everyone could beacon 
> > their position on APRS using the LAPTOP 
> > symbol with a note about their OLPC.
> > Then we can pick the centroid to plan a meeting...
> Thanks!
> Bob, WB4APR

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