[aprssig] Re: OLPC positions and MESH-ing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 7 14:36:18 EST 2008

> The XO is an incredible little machine -- 
> but with the extra layer of 'sugar' to 
> make it sweet for kids, that actually decreases its
> useability as a general amater/data/packet machine.

Is that only a complaint on the looks of the desk top, or is
there something more fundamental at issue?

> It looks like the eeePC is the current leader 
> as far as cute little systems goes...
> My XO is going to the nephews in Peru...

Ah, but the "eee" is exactly why the split between OLPC and
Intel.  Intel wants to provide the latest and greatest and make
a profit.  OLPC wants a stable platform for the masses, for
youth and for education.

I'll put my money on the stability of the OLPC and not plan on
forever chasing the latest and greatest "consumer" toy from the
likes of Intel who have to sell you a new one every year to keep
their profits up.

Again, I could be all wrong.. Just a hope on my part actually...

> PS.  Hey Bob - do you have ARRSDOS running on yours yet???

I wish there was a DOS emulator, then I'd sure give it a try.

Bob, Wb4APR

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