[aprssig] TSA regs on GPS?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Jan 6 22:46:00 EST 2008

I think Hollywood is largely to blame for the fear of electronics - 
timers and detonators in the movies ALWAYS have blinking lights and lots 
of colored wires.  People seem to forget that it's the EXPLOSIVES that 
are dangerous.


Steve Noskowicz wrote:
> Alan,
>   Admitedly anecdotal, but I've taken one on ~3-4 flights over the last 6 years
> w/ no problems.  Also HT & misc. wall warts, adapters and cables, some
> home-brew.  But no home-brew battery chargers. (:-)  
>    Then there was that young gal about a year ago with the white, solder-less
> breadboard with flashing LEDs in plain view who got national attention.  Part
> of security is what I'll call "the specticle".  Need I say more.  ...
>    So, your mileage may vary.
>    I personally think the supervisor for the screeners & security should be an
> EE.
> 73
> --- "Alan P. Biddle" <APBIDDLE at UNITED.NET> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> [snip] I
>> checked the TSA and AA web site, but could not find anything [snip]
>> concerning transporting a GPS and bean bag mount in carry on bags.
>> Any experience, or definitive reference?
>> Alan

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