[aprssig] Prius Noise

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 3 09:36:11 EST 2008

> Just curious, but does this noise radiate 
> beyond the car itself?  I wonder what the 
> global fleet of these things is 
> doing to our noise floor...

Not far...
My estimate is that I see about a 10 dB rise in the noise floor
with my prius.  This would be down by half just a few feet away,
and down another half at double that distance.  My guess would
be that it would be undetectible at 50 feet.

*** BUT ***

My prius is a wide open unshielded mess.  I have all the covers
off, and wires going into and out of the battery control module
which is a notorious noise source.  So not until I disconnect
everything and return it to stock assembly should I even be
mentioning this noise.  Most of it is probably my fault.

My one test with a non-FM receiver (A CB on channel 9) is that
it raises the noise floor about 1 LED.  (1 LED is the normal CB
noise floor which rises to 2 LED's with Prius powered up (out of

The one lesson to me for my next Prius, is that if you are going
to mess with the Prius Electical system, DESIGN from the
beginning to have bypass caps, shielding, and chhokes on
everything going into and out of the system...

And what Ham cannot resist taping into that 10 Kw Field Day
Power Source!



> > Subject: [aprssig] Re: Help setting up a new TM-D710 for
> {snip}
> > 
> > I have listened to it with my Yaesu FT-100 "DC-to-light" 
> transceiver in 
> > AM, FM and SSB modes. In all modes, you don't hear any 
> discrete tweets, 
> > buzzes, squeals or grinding "hash" - just "hiss" at a 
> slightly higher 
> > level than with the antenna input terminated in a dummy
load.  In 
> > addition, you DO hear an additional pulsing "grinding" 
> noise, on SSB or 
> > AM when the regenerative braking system is active, using 
> the wheels to 
> > drive the electric motors as a generator.  This noise is
> > noticeable on FM where it tends to quiet just like ignition
> > 
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