[aprssig] kayaking and APRS

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Aug 26 19:42:28 EDT 2008

Can't really call it cobbling, but Steve Roberts, N4RVE wrote a CQ VHF  
article a few years ago, in which he approached this with his usual  
superb design (to the point of overkill) methods.


Steve K4HG

On Aug 26, 2008, at 1:58 PM, Jim Lux wrote:

> A couple general questions..
> What, given current state of the art, and buying brand new gear (as  
> opposed to cobbling something together from junk in my garage) would  
> be a good small package for a APRS/GPS system that is waterproof for  
> a kayak in the ocean?  Gotta be pretty small because there's not a  
> whole lot of places to put it.
> Then, if one wanted to put a digipeater in the car (from which one  
> launched that kayak), what's a good system solution there.  The idea  
> is that there may not be reliable coverage from a little 5W tracker  
> on the kayak to the overall APRS infrastructure, but that you can  
> probably get back to the car with it, and then, the car can digipeat  
> the packets with a)a bigger antenna and b) more power.
> Ideally, one would also like the car to log the packets it gets from  
> the kayak (because the odds of all the packets getting into the  
> "internet", where you could use findu, etc,  are quite low in the  
> greater Los Angeles area.. )
> Jim, W6RMK
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