[aprssig] Radiometrix APRS module

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 25 13:25:28 EDT 2008

> What custom ("non standard") frequency are you on about? 144.800 MHz is 
> the correct frequency for APRS world-wide. It's only the USA that uses a 
> custom (non-standard) one! 
> Sometimes it gets really frustrating that Americans can be 
> so parochial -- always thinking that their 
> view/regulations/frequency/digipeating is the only one that's right. 

Well, I think this falls into the same category as 110v/60hz electrical 
service - we did it first, so we defined the 'standard'.  Doesn't mean 
it's best, it was just there first.

As for the refusal to adopt SI units... well, no excuses there.  It's 
just people being resistant to change.

> Someone has gone to the effort to organise a self-contained device, on 
> the right frequency for people outside the USA, and you seem to be 
> detracting from it and their efforts. Good on them!

I don't think anyone's detracting from it.  It's great that it's 
available in another common frequency that we need.


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