[aprssig] Radiometrix APRS module

Andy McMullin Andy at rickham.net
Mon Aug 25 13:00:28 EDT 2008

> On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 06:59:07AM +1000, Jack Chomley wrote:
>> Not sure if  anyone has seen these....
>>  http://www.sarl.org.za/public/_news/AutoArticle.asp?ArtNo=12
> Ah,  SARL has on sale a 144.800 MHz version of
> the Radiometrix's VCXO based NBFM transmitter.
> It has custom ("non standard") oscillator frequency, thus one
> must order at least a minimum quantity of N units.
> (I don't see at Radiometrix web, what the N would be.)
> Nothing new in itself, just that somebody has made the effort,
> and ordered this custom frequency, and is selling it for hams
> in South Africa.

What custom ("non standard") frequency are you on about? 144.800 MHz  
is the correct frequency for APRS world-wide. It's only the USA that  
uses a custom (non-standard) one!

Sometimes it gets really frustrating that Americans can be so  
parochial -- always thinking that their view/regulations/frequency/ 
digipeating is the only one that's right. Someone has gone to the  
effort to organise a self-contained device, on the right frequency for  
people outside the USA, and you seem to be detracting from it and  
their efforts. Good on them!

Andy, G8TQH

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