[aprssig] Random Beacon from RC-D710?

Richard Sharp, KQ4KX kq4kx at arrl.net
Wed Aug 20 21:53:25 EDT 2008

Yeah, I've noticed the same thing with my TM-D710.  It will randomly send a
packet even though the BCON function is turned off before AND after it
transmits a packet.  My D710 has all the latest firmware versions.





From: Adam Cartwright

Can anyone shed some light on an interesting experience?


Right now I have an RC-D710 connected to a Yaesu 857 monitoring APRS on my
desk (dogs & cats working together).  I have the beacon set for manual so I
have to press a button to get it to beacon.  This morning, I was sitting at
my desk, and the unit spontaneously beaconed.  I wouldn't have realized that
it did this except for my computer desktop speakers were on and made a noise
when the beacon went out.  


I'm perplexed why it would beacon at that time without any prompting from
me.   Any thoughts?  Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior?  It
was sitting all night and did not beacon.


AdamC (w0ako)


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