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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 20 13:15:01 EDT 2008

>>> I like the way [www.oaprs.net] shows how each station 
>>> will show up on the mobile APRS displays.  This lets 
>>> people see clearly how their choice of text formatting 
>>> makes a difference to moblies looking for local info.
>> Why doesn't PHG show up on mobile displays?
> ... when OpenAPRS parsers PHG or other extension data,
> it removes it from the comment.

Yes, PHGxxxx or altitude (aaaa}) or 1 foot precision (!DAO!) can
occur in the text field, and so if PHG or altitude is parsed and
displayed elsewhere, then it is removed from the limited text
display window.  The D7 has a separate display page for PHG and
altitude data.  And we receommend that !DAO! always be at the
end of the packet so that it does not clutter the text window

> I've noticed that in my D700 the altitude extension doesn't 
> seem to be removed... I'll have to watch the display a bit...

Which one.  The aaa} format used for altitude inn the Mic-E
format should be removed from all D7 displays.  I think this
altitude was added in the D7(g) model and that was after the
D700 came out.  So maybe the D700 does not decode this altitude

Hopefully the D710 does, and so removes it from the display.

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