[aprssig] New APRS Baby-on-board symbol ?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 20 13:05:27 EDT 2008

> With respect, we already have way too many symbols 
> without going out of our way to create new ones.  
> I don't see how having a baby on board
> symbol helps me understand the tactical situation.

I guess it doesn’t help you, but it does maybe help someone

When someone asks for a symbol, I try to respond to their
immediate requirement if possible by recommending an existing
symbol to best meet their needs.  In this case, the requestor
wanted to indicate when he was walking his kid in a stroller
(also called a pram or perambulator) on which was configured

My rationale was that pushing a kid in a 4 wheel device is
something that all parents do for several years in their lives,
and being wheeled, and outdoors, and dependent on wireless
communications, why not use ham radio for family communications.
On such a 4 wheeled mobile, there is potential for carrying a
battery, GPS and HAM radio to keep in touch and enjoy a little
bit of the hobby while out for a stroll.  In fact, being
wheeled, I could see carrying along quite a bit of potential
radio equipment.  Or maybe also a small hidden tracker in case
the $300 stroller got stolen (or $1500 depending on how much ham
radio is on board).

Anyway, I don’t try to judge or be critical of other people's
uses for ham radio or APRS, in fact, I like to support their
creativity where possible.  And support exercise too.  It’s a
good way to get outdoors and away from email and see the world
from a fresh perspective.

I responded to the request by suggesting a "B" overlay on the
walking human symbol.  As appropriate.  If someone does not have
an APRS configured perambulator, then ignore the suggestion.  If
someone sees a conflict with other uses of a B overlay on a
walking symbol, then submit it and if it seems practical I will
list it too.

With overlays, (and the APRS1.2 extension of overlays to all
symbols), APRS has the potential for about 2400 combinations.  I
don’t see much reason to quibble over someone's non-exclusive
use of one of them.

Besides, it might be a great way to meet chicks...


> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 5:49 PM, Robert Bruninga 
>> In recognition of the future of APRS and Youth in Ham 
>> radio, a new symbol overlay suggestion has been approved.
>>> Now I´m, among other vehicles, operating APRS from my baby
>>> pram, but I lack the SSID for such vehicle.
>> I have suggested the B overlay on the human symbol mean 
>> "Baby on board" if appropriate.
>> Bob, Wb4APR

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