[aprssig] APRS on DSTAR

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 19 14:21:14 EDT 2008

>> Good news on getting APRS onto the 2820 DSTAR radio!
> So really, this has nothing to do with DSTAR 
> - this would work with any radio with a mini-DIN?

Yes, as Pete correctly points out,  This is only using the
ANALOG side of the DSTAR radio for APRS, and has nothing to do
with DSTAR.  Subject line should be APRS on DSTAR radio.

And what Jeff has worked out is that you may have to add the
capacitor inside the interface on some rigs, and you may have to
adjust the audio level using the MCP program, but otherwise it
is a nice heads-up plug-and-play heads-up APRS display on most
modern Japanese radios.

For $199 if you have a source of regulated 10 volts at 300+ MA
and are willling to make up your own cables.  Add $90 or so if
you want to use the PG-5J interface that does it all.


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