[aprssig] APRS on DSTAR

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 19 10:01:47 EDT 2008

Good news on getting APRS onto the 2820 DSTAR radio!

JefF, KB2M has been working on a plug-n-play solution where you
just plug the D710 APRS Display head into the external
audio/data jack of the Icom 2820 radio so that you can run DSTAR
on band B and run APRS with almost all the features of the D710
on the A side.

He has been frustrated due to lack of information on why the TX
audio level simply is not there.  But with dedication and time,
he now has it working by a simple TX audio level adjustment
using the Kenwood MCP software and by inserting a capacitor into
the data line.

This is an exciting capability! Plug-n-play APRS DISPLAY on the
2820.  The one added thing that would save $90 in this system
would be if someone could find a souirce of 10 volts regulated
at 300 mA inside the 2820 to power the RC-D710 display head.
Then  all you need is the basic RC-D710 for $199 and not need
the added $90 regulated-power-interface. Maybe...

Jeff promises pictures when he gets it all installed.

This extension of APRS Info Display capability into all mobiles,
not just APRS mobiles will go a  long way towards extending the
usefullness of APRS throughout ham radio.  This also includes
the new HAMHUD that can also be added to any radio as well as
the RC-D710 display...

And then when we get APRStt going, then every ham radio operator
can be reached through APRS.


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