[aprssig] Complete Manual

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Thu Aug 14 17:52:29 EDT 2008

     With all this talk about dumb trackers,  Fuel Stops with prices and WX
stations broadcasting etc
 maybe its time to STOP right here and look at what we have now..

Bob you have your APRS Spec which is in several parts this is the GUTs of
APRS and is the platform 
to proceed along and is what you want the programmers / writers etc to go by

Talk to the software / programmers writers, Kenwood etc etc Get on to the
Pocket PC writers stir 
them up this will help and get more intelligent trackers on air, older
Pocket PCs are nearly as 
cheap if not cheaper than some new trackers with Displays and keyboards.

Its probably time to produce a decent EBook of Operation for Joe Bloogs 
user ! He won't read the SPEC 
yes I know the software and tracker people put out operation manuals but
some of these leave a lot un said 
and have far to many variables that "appear" to be out side the current SPEC

Don't fill it with long winded sentences or paragraphs keep it to the point
without to many variables. 
KISS method.

Before adding or deleting anything look at what is broken the New paradigm
is not fully implemented 
around the world and there are many other things not set correctly fix all
this first before adding more 
than can cause more headaches.

Time and time again we see a similar request for add this do this there are
probably many of these in 
the archives here that all need looking at but think outside the square,
[USA] its a world wide application 
so it needs to reflect this.


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