[aprssig] Sept ARRL's QST 2008 article

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 14 11:32:27 EDT 2008

>... Voice Alert...setting CTCSS 100
> or, to avoid any (though unlikely) interference 
> from the power line AC frequency (50 Hz) in 
> most of the world, e.g. 123 Hz. 

Good question.  While Europe is fighting to standardize APRS, they should make a firm decision here.  I did receommend 123 Hz in 50 Hz countries, but I have received a variety of feedback.

The only two comments I have seen here are these two:

* Some people have reported that they use 100Hz PL in Europe and have never heard any falsing. 

* I have not heard any feedback that anyone is using 123 Hz in Europe?

If 100 Hz is not a problem these days with falsing, then I wonder if we need the two standards?  Is this a debate that is needed?  I think that Kenwood puts the 123 default in the D710 European version?

If this is true, then it helps solidify the 123 hz standard in Europe.


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