[aprssig] Weather Stations and Net Neutrality

Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
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Thanks for the heads-up. I confirmed this by downloading a log from MesoWest 
for a station transmitting every 3 minutes. The log contained data at 5 
minute intervals just as the CWOP site stated.

Tim - N8DEU

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>I also believe WX packets once every 5 minutes is a too frequent routine
> (especially on VHF), and especially if sent over more than one digipeater
> hop.  I hope you will consider giving your fellow hams on VHF a bit of a
> break.  NWS doesn't have any use for the data more frequently than once
> every 15 minutes.
> 73, Cap KE6AFE
> The following is from the FAQ at
> http://www.wxqa.com/faq.html .
> 1. How often should I send data? Any packet rate that you are comfortable
> with is fine with us as long as it is not faster than one data packet 
> every
> 9 or 10 minutes. Right now data are sent from findu.com to NOAA every 15
> minutes, so one packet every 10 minutes is adequate. We recommend that you
> set your software so that the first packet of the hour is sent in the 
> minute
> that matches the last number in your CW ID or ham callsign. The purpose of
> this is to even out the data flow received by the APRS-IS servers to 
> reduce
> the number of connects at multiples of 5 minutes after top of the hour. If
> your application does not let you set the start time or if your last 
> number
> is 0 or 5, select a time interval of 9 or 11 minutes.
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>> Most of our 11 weather stations are not base stations, they are
>> digipeaters
>> on hilltops.
>> At any rate, the whole reason to transmit is to provide information.  We
>> transmit weather every 5 minutes and believe that to be reasonable.  The
>> data that is transmitted from the weather station can change
>> considerably in
>> 5 minutes, and we find this service to be valuable to our supporters and
>> especially the NWS.
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