[aprssig] Fuel Stops

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 12 11:39:00 EDT 2008

> I was wondering if there is an 'agreed' format 
> for displaying Fuel  prices?

Certainly!  Back in 1996 we implemented the SIGNPOST symbol in APRS which actually displays as a SIGN with a variable numeric value on it up to 3 digits.  You could display 405 to represent $4.05 in US terms.  Your currency may vary.

The way this symbol is supposed to work is that the number displayed on the sign symbol is contained anywhere in the object text as "[nnn]".  This way, the text value also is readable by systems that did not implement the actual sign post graphic.

We use this symbol for automatic TRAFFIC SPEED reporting (00 to 99 MPH).  So three digit ($$$) signs would not be confusing to MAP viewers. 

I'm not sure how many clients actually display this symbol correctly.  APRSdos displays it, and APRStrfc transmits it for traffic monitoring.  There is a UIVIEW add-on that also transmits traffic information.


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