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Richard Sharp, KQ4KX kq4kx at arrl.net
Fri Aug 8 19:52:18 EDT 2008

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From: Robert Bruninga [mailto:bruninga at usna.edu] 

>Hummh, but it is not in the recommended format and will not look
>nice on the D7 and D700 display because of the added "+" and "-"
>which offset everything 2 spaces to the right.
>Just leave them off, since the D710 should auto-set-offset.  But
>of course, the kenwoods do not do that on UHF so I can see why
>you did it.  But I doubt the "+" is working there, since that is
>not part of the FREQ spec.

>>>>>True, it's not in the currently recommended format but in light of the
D710 and its capabilities I find this more "useful" for the up and coming
D710 users (particularly when more D710 owners update their firmware to the
newest).  BTW, it looks perfectly fine on the D710 (or D700) display.  Yes,
the D7 isn't going to be formatted correctly but I'm sure the D7 replacement
will likely (hopefully) be compatible. According to page 26 of the APRS
booklet for the D710 the offset indicator is to go one space after the tone
field.  I've also verified this format with my D710 and it properly selects
the offset & tone (or CTCSS).  My D710 is loaded with all the latest FW

>Glad to hear the "Cnnn" setting is working just like the "Tnnn".
>But I wonder if it is the best thing for recommending (forcing)
>on visitors?  When most repeaters are on CTCSS then they only
>transmit it when there is a user n the uplink, so the visitor
>does not hear the repeater announcemnts, courtesy beeps etc?

>>>>>These particular repeaters transmit tone anytime they're transmitting
(except during CWID).  I'm not aware of any repeaters in my area that is
only transmitting tone when receiving a signal.  I remember that being a
popular thing when the crossband mobile first came out - that enabled them
to function more effectively.  I guess I'd recommend that if a repeater only
sends tone when receiving to format the local info object as Tnnn instead of


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