[aprssig] local info...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 8 18:27:15 EDT 2008

> Thought I'd share with you what I've done 
> for my local info packet for repeater objects.  
> After finally obtaining a D710 I've been 
> able to actually play with the "TUNE" feature.
> ...my local info packets originating from the 
> KPC3+ (ver. 9.1) digipeater to the following.
> ;444.950_B*111111z2752.80N/08148.94Wr444.950MHz C127 + R40m
> ;146.985_B*111111z2752.80N/08148.94Wr146.985MHz C127 - R40m
> ... seems to work very nicely with the D710's "TUNE" feature.
> Specifically, it selects the CTCSS tone AND the 
> proper offset - something the original method did not do.  

Hummh, but it is not in the recommended format and will not look
nice on the D7 and D700 display because of the added "+" and "-"
which offset everything 2 spaces to the right.
Just leave them off, since the D710 should auto-set-offset.  But
of course, the kenwoods do not do that on UHF so I can see why
you did it.  But I doubt the "+" is working there, since that is
not part of the FREQ spec.

> I like using the "C" instead of "T" since
> these repeaters transmit tone as well - makes 
> for a nice "one button" selection of the repeater 
> with everything you need...just pick-up the mic
> and start talking.

Glad to hear the "Cnnn" setting is working just like the "Tnnn".
But I wonder if it is the best thing for recommending (forcing)
on visitors?  When most repeaters are on CTCSS then they only
transmit it when there is a user n the uplink, so the visitor
does not hear the repeater announcemnts, courtesy beeps etc?


> Your thoughts...
> Richard

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