[aprssig] Fwd: RE: BUOY-4 recovery

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 6 23:30:05 EDT 2008

 ...  "kinda" neat ?!  Super!     Way to go!  

   Makes me wanna' go out and get a TinyTrack and make something myself, but, alas, *WAY* too many projects already. 
   That PVC should be pretty rugged [except, possibly, for the vertical antenna part], boat collision-wise.  Is the bottom sealed off from the top section, or is it just a PVC size-adapter ??

RE:  "... it was a little hard to spot, ..."
   Needs a little Day-Glow flag, eh?

What do the commercial units look like?

--  73, Steve, K9DCI
P.S.  I haven't heard talk of a GONIO since I was in the Navy, DFing.  Sure would be neat to have one of those HF U-Adcock, Gonio rigs now.

--- Bob Bruninga wrote:   Its a harsh environment out there...
> ...Our ... buoy was sent out with 3 other high cost commercial 
> buoys (with ARGOS satellite trackers)...... 

> All deployed about 1000 EDT on the 4th.  See my report at end....

> ... from the buoy recovery crew...

> > Well it looks like the drifter you made is 
> > pretty darn good.  Here's the luck with ours:

> > #1 stopped talking at 0900 EDT- August 4th.  
> > Lost.  Likely hit by a motorboat.  ...  We 
> > couldn't find any trace of it this morning.

> > #2 Aground right across the Severn from the 
> > lab.  Stopped "talking" at 1800 August 5th. 

> > #3 Still "talking" ...  It's probably out somewhere near the
> > Bay Bridge, so I hope the winds shift.

> > APRS BUOY-4- except for the fact it was a little 
> > hard to spot, the 10-minute transmissions with the 
> > D7 radio and AVMAP gps gadget made it really easy 
> > to find on the water.  To purchase a GONIO RDF 
> > for our drifters would be ~40K.

> Here was my report [from] Alabama on...

> >> Im sitting here in the breakfast room of my 
> >> parents nursing room in Alabama and watching 
> >> the receovery there in Maryand on FINDU.COM.  
> >> I see you picked up buoy-4 between 1000 and 1010.
> >> THen I could see you move around the area 
> >> searching for the other buoys...
> >> Kinda neat from 800 miles away!
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/track.cgi?call=BUOY-4&degree=.07
> Bob, Wb4APR
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