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Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 6 14:26:04 EDT 2008

Hmmm.  The Hall sensor still needs a power supply, but I don't know the draw.  I have some in my well stocked studio B, but haven't played with them yet.  See my previous about reed switches.  I like the idea of a magnet-in-a-tube + reed switch.  You can even have something for the magnet to sort of "stick to" in the ON position, so it takes inversion *and* a shock to set it free down the tube and to turn it OFF..... the wheels are turnin'.

FYI: STRONG magnets   Gauss Boys  http://www.gaussboys.com/ magnet 
73, Steve, K9DCI

--- On Wed, 8/6/08, Ben Jackson <ben at ben.com> wrote:

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> ...snip... daydream about from time to time I was
> planning to use
> a hall sensor so that a properly placed external magnet
> would turn off
> the buoy.  I figured a metal plate on the inside would give
> it something
> to stick to, and the sensor would be weak enough to require
> some super-
> strong magnet (like one out of an old harddrive).  Then the
> magnet would
> have a float that would remove it in case of accidental
> deployment w/
> magnet.
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