[aprssig] Map servers down?

Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Tue Aug 5 18:38:10 EDT 2008

On Tue, 5 Aug 2008, Tom Russo wrote:

> The xastir mailing list would generally be a better place to get fast
> answers for xastir-specific questions like this.
Yes, If I had known it was an xastir issue.  My first thought was that it 
was a server issue, so I posted it to the general list. (or is xastir the 
only APRS client that supports these online maps?  I'm spoiled.) I'm sure 
glad you and Curt monitor both lists!

I don't remember updating my system lately, but maybe kubuntu did it for 
me while I was sleeping...  I couldn't find libgdal anywhere on the 
system, so I installed it with `apt-get install libgdal1-1.4.0` which 
fetched it and also triggered ldconfig for me.  But no joy, I still get 
the same error.
   I'm running the ubuntu-packaged xastir 1.9.0 on this system, so I'll 
have to pull in all the development headers before I can compile one 
without gdal...  Luckily, ubuntu makes that easy with `apt-get build-dep 

Rick Green

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