[aprssig] findU server move time yet again

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Ever checked out 1 and 1?  The have a pretty good track record with what I 
do and two companies I have worked for.

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>I knew something bad had to happen, findU's been running too smoothly.
> The ham who has provided wonderful, discounted server space for
> findU's primary machine is exiting the ISP business, which means the
> server needs a new home. I have 55 days before it needs to be out of
> there.
> findU needs a real data center (security, generator power, multiple
> bandwidth providers, etc.), home internet connections are not an
> option. Here are the specs:
> 3U rack server (Dell PowerEdge 2950, 6 disk raid, 8GB ram, 8 cores),
> monthly bandwidth around 500GB. Need to have dns, smtp, http, httpd,
> mysql ports open, the rest closed by firewall.
> If you own an ISP and want to host findU email me. After my last
> experience I think I prefer to pay, I don't feel so much like I'm
> putting someone out when I need something done. Discounts always
> appreciated though ;-)
> Users should not feel much pain during the move, the second findU
> server should be able to handle everything. About the only issue will
> be those who email data to findU. The second box is not allowed to
> have smtp access, so email to my domains will be down 1-2 days. I'll
> be posting notification before the move.
> Once I have the new home for findU and I have some idea of the costs
> I'll formally open what has become the annual findU fundraising drive.
> I'm still $4000 down from last year's new server, and a couple
> thousand more from the year before. My plan to make findU self-
> supporting isn't going so well, but at least the hardware is in good
> shape (knock on wood) so no new expenses there this year. If you want
> to get an early jump on the fundraising use the donate button on most
> findU pages.
> Thanks!
> Steve K4HG
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