[aprssig] Just how does one set pos ambiguity?

djhuff at rockwellcollins.com djhuff at rockwellcollins.com
Wed Apr 30 17:27:01 EDT 2008

Nothing states you can't fake the position a little bit.  I have seen a 
couple of places that report their digipeater station different than 
actual coordinates, mostly for lookup purposes. One town I have seen 
reports it position off by about 1 mile because the online map gives the 
wrong town name.  Other people like to make position reports appear at 
town landmarks, or important intersections.

Having said that, you probably will be OK within a mile or 2 of actual 
position, I would not want to go too far from actual, as many people rely 
on APRS for rough propagation benchmarks.

David KC0GFO
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