[aprssig] RE: APRS at Dayton 2008?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 30 11:57:34 EDT 2008

> W8GUC is a digi [near Hara] using a weather symbol.

Great!.  I wonder if we could get him to change his symbol to
the correct Green WX-DIGI symbol "\_" before the Hamvention, so
that others can see this information as well.?

> Some of the repeater objects were removed from APRS from 
> reports of vandals targeting the repeaters from the APRS map.

Ah, good info.  Another solution that has less consequence on
users is to simply use APRS Position Ambiguity.  Digipeaters can
avoid revealing their locations if they use a position ambiguity
of 1 mile.  DIGIpeaters do not need to show precise positions...
So using 1 mile position ambiguity on digipeaters is a good
routine technique.

Will there be an APRS Pizza meeting?


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