[aprssig] Kenwood TH-D7AG Full Duplex?

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 13:27:04 EDT 2008

I have an Icom IC-W32A that I keep around mainly for working the FM
satellites.  I like this rig because I can hear my transmissions on
the 70cm downlink (more operators should do this).  Does the Kenwood
TH-D7AG also do full duplex?  I'd like to get a D7 but as we all know,
they aren't cheap, and considering that I just bought a 710, I think
I'd get into a little trouble at home if bought the HT too without
selling something else, so I'd have to sell the Icom, but I'll only do
this if the Kenwood can replace it as my portable FM satellite

Thanks & 73 de Joseph Durnal NE3R

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