[aprssig] KC0RNP TCP/IP

Eric Christensen eric at christensenplace.us
Sat Apr 26 23:13:58 EDT 2008

I just tried to send you a message but never got an ack.

Eric W4OTN

Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
> I am having problems with Messaging using TCP/IP I am using 
> secound.aprs.net:10156 for the server. I can send to WB0VTM with not 
> problem, but I am not able to send to anyone else.
> I do have my KC0RNP-9 back up but it is "Over The Air" and using TCP/IP
> I also have my Valuadation Number put into UI-View.
> Any one have any ideas as to why I can't message anyone using TCP/IP?

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