[aprssig] Fw: ADS-B to APRS Server

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Fri Apr 25 20:57:41 EDT 2008


My Receiver at home


My Antenna outside


The data is coming from my antenna.

I have the video piped out to a CRO, and am trying an ASUS eeepc as a test.

I can also take feeds from other sites, and make the feed availble in any 

What would be good is a network of receivers.

The receivers cost $890 from melbourne.

It has a program that outputs data on port 30003

You have to have a windows box to talk to the ADSB box.

That is what I am using on my linux box, taking the data from the windows 

Got a couple of things happening here,

APRS feed
Data into MySQL for google earth feeds
Stats are made from MySQL tables of the collected data.


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> Andrew,
> All very interesting.
> Do you have an ADS-B receiver at your place or are you taking a feed from 
> somewhere? Is there any technical data available, now that you've piqued 
> my interest? I'd like to diplay traffic passing through the Kempsey area.
> It's interesting to see the southern extent of coverage. For the coastal 
> route it is just north of Grafton, or about 150 miles from Brisbane. For 
> the inland route south, the cut-off is approximately east of Stanthorpe, 
> about 80 miles from Brisbane.
> Ray vk2tv
> Andrew Rich wrote:
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>> Gudday
>>  I have written an ADS-B to APRS server.
>>  ADS-B is tracking for aircraft.
>>  It runs on LINUX, and uses perl
>>  A socker server listens for connections on port 10151, then establishes 
>> a connection to the ADS-B stream.
>>  Packets are then formed into something that APRS can understand.
>>  You can try it, you should see planes flying around Brisbane.
>>  Simply add "vk4tec.no-ip.org" as an aprs server, and the port is "10151"
>>  No need to login, actually it just ignores anything sent
>>  Please have a go and let me know if you get it to work for you.
>>  Cheers
>>  Andrew Rich
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